September 2018


Kendall Jenner roamed the runways for Alexander Wang 2018 Spring/Summer Show, and she did advertising shoots for Tod’s 2018 Spring/Summer collection, Ochirly 2018 Spring collection and more. She attended 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. If you referred to her personal data, you would praise her success. The girl born in 1995 has an enviable rich family, perfect shape and a beautiful face. Kendall is honored as the queen in Instagram, full of hot topics. Her photos in street style win many likes. Her clothes and accessories she wore often are symbols of fashion trends. Let’s learn how to dress up from Kendall Jenner’s Gucci bags.

1.Gucci GG Marmont Chain Shoulder bag
Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé Mini Bag: 7″W x 5″H x 2.5″D
Gucci GG Marmont Velvet Mini Bag: 8.5″W x 5″H x 2.5″D
GG Marmont bag, especially the small or mini style, is light and chic. We often see it in celebrities’ street style. Most female stars wear a Gucci GG Marmont small/mini bag across the body or over the shoulder, but Kendall creates a new and chic way. She puts the chain into the bag or removes it from the bag, then she holds it in one hand. Especially in the winter, you are in heavy clothes and a bag, so to hold your mini bag in one hand is a good way to show your chic look.

2.Gucci Crystal Bow Brocade Backpack
She had a Gucci Crystal Bow Brocade backpack in 2017 Gucci show, and the bag is very luxurious and gorgeous. It’s made of brocade and crystal. Not every girl can hold the fancy price and vintage style.

3.Gucci GG Supreme Canvas Carryall bag
Although during the short journeys, Kendall is still in fashion style. Gucci GG Supreme Canvas Carryall bag with red trimmings and red Web strap.

4.Gucci Dionysus small GG shoulder bag
Born in Gucci 2015 Fall/Winter Show, Gucci Dionysus small GG shoulder bag is the most popular “it” bag in three years. It’s the first purse designed by Alessandro Michele after he became an Italian fashion designer appointed creative director of Gucci in January 2015. The bag’s name came from the Geek God Dionysus. The Dionysus collection features the tiger head buckle. Many female stars wear Dionysus bags in different styles. The classic and simple style is easy-matching for any outfits. Kendall Jenner often wear it.


5.Gucci GG Supreme Canvas Belt bag
In recent years, belt bags are very popular with the whole world. Belt bags in different materials and styles show celebrities’ fashion and charm. Whether on the waist, across the body or over one arm, they are trendy.

Green and red Web or blue and red Web is one of Gucci’s iconic features, which dates back to the 1950s. Gucci Web tells the brand’s deep ties to Polo, whose inspiration originated from the canvas Web fixing saddles to the horse back. The Web has applied to Ready-to-wear, handbags, accessories since the 1950s. To today, it has been a world-famous, iconic detail for Gucci.

Gucci was just a small leather shop in Florence, Italy in the beginning. The earlier products were concerned with Polo, so products by Gucci was influenced by Polo. Green and red Web and double G were registered by Gucci in the 1950s. From advertising in the 1980s,Web was always a featured element. To the end of the 1980s, Contests of equities and bad management led to reputation damage. It’s Tom Ford that saved Gucci in 1994. With his help, products by Gucci became novel and young. In the following ten years, Gucci bought back to life little by little. Web was weakened on many of products, but it never went away. Frida Giannini replaced Tom Ford in 2006. Fortunately, people criticized that Frida’s designs had nothing new and he often reused these creative designs Tom Ford ever used. Gradually, consumers felt bored with Gucci. Finally, Frida Giannini left because of the dropping sales volume at the end of 2014. The predicament was reserved by Alessandro Michele from 2015. The gifted designer added Geek and Romantic elements to products by Gucci. Nowadays, Gucci brings back to life. Especially handbags, Dionysus Line, Sylvie Line, GG Marmont Line, Padlock Line and Ophidia Line have made a hit all over the world. Gucci Ophidia Line is the leading role in the article.

Gucci Ophidia bags appeared at Pre-Spring Resort Show 2018, featuring Web and double G. It shows that Alessandro Michele respects and is good at using Gucci’s historical culture. Among all lines, Ophidia bags fit all ladies at any age. The line is not the one you will like at first sight, but the more you see it, the more attractive it is. The most popular model is the Ophidia shell bags and the Ophidia chain bags, available in medium and small, Supreme GG canvas and suede. As for Gucci Ophidia chain bags, the chic way to wear it is across the body. The shoulder chain is not enough long, but it looks chic to stay the waist. Some models hang it on their necks, posing on the Runway. Recently, belt bags are popular, but it’s hard to show the best street style. Why not learn something from fashion icons? They always represent the most stylish look.

The Ophidia Soft GG Supreme large tote is the newest model Gucci and many artists launched together, whose front will be decorated with individual capital letters according to the demands of clients. Due to the oversized design, I’m afraid that only fashion icons dare to get one.

It’s not new that streets are named after celebrities’ names, just in memory of historical heroes, such as Russell Street, Washington Street or Zhongshan Street (in China). In the end of 2017, Barbados, a small island country lies in the eastern of the Caribbean region of North America, named a street after Rihanna formally. This isn’t for the first time that Barbados has expressed its love and respect to Rihanna. In 2011, Rihanna was awarded as a tourism ambassador by the country. What’s more, Barbados made 20th of February (Rihanna’s birthday) as “Rihanna Day” (You can also called it “Riri Day”). This shows that Rihanna is the honor of Barbados. She may do it if she want to run for the next President. Why so? Come here, and let’s talk about Rihanna and her Gucci bags.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty
Robyn Rihanna Fenty, born in 1988, is a Barbadian singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. Rihanna made the acquaintance of Evan Rogers, a famous American music producer, at her age of 15. Then Evan took her to New York and recorded six pieces of demo songs which were sent to many record companies. Finally, Rihanna got appreciated by Jay-Z (Beyonce’s husband) and got a contract about six albums with Def Jam. The girl from an island country has been a world-famous pop diva. Why is she so popular with the public?

1.Gifted With A Superb Voice
It’s luck that the God gives her a superb voice. Because of the talent, Rihanna played different types of music perfectly and successfully. The first album released in 2005 took the tenth place on the Bill Board, and her debut single ranked the second place of the pop singles chart. As a 17-year-old new singer, “Rihanna” the name spread rapidly in America. Umbrella made a hit in the music circle and ranked the first place of the pop singles chart for long time in 2008. The song helped Rihanna receive her first Grammy Award, so she also has been the first Barbadian singer who got the Grammy Award. To today, 8 Grammy Awards, 8 American Music Awards and 23 Billboard Music Awards prove her talent.

2.Maverick Character
In addition to the excellent singing, Rihanna features he maverick nature. She does what she thinks is right. She is so cool that it seems that she never cares what others think. When she was shot by paparazzi and criticized by Internet users, she did like this. (pictures) When what she showed off her Prada shoes was criticized, she responded to them like this. (pictures) Even if she faced towards Kendall Jenner, she still dissed her as usual. (pictures)

3.Fashion Icon, Charity Icon
Rihanna has been moving on sexy style since she made her debut. Why not make a good use of my beautiful face and sexy shape? This is Rihanna. She treats fashion playfully as her own principles. As long as she thinks her fashion is OK, she never care what others think. Sometimes, she is sexy and attractive. Sometimes, she appears in colorful outfits. Sometimes, she is strange and dirty. Although she has a maverick character, she is devoted to the charity career actively. She joined an Anticancer Public Event in 2008, and she has raised more than 10 million dollars to 2013. Philippines was hit by typhoon in 2012, and she donated 1 million dollars to the country. There are many public events she did.

Rihanna’s Gucci Bags
1.Gucci Gucci-Print Leather Belt Bag Black
Oh, my God! My Goddess gets fat, but she is still attractive. She is in black dress and Gucci-Print leather belt bag. I think Gucci belt bag hardly fits one’s outfits well. Rihanna did it.

2.Gucci limited Edition USA GG Flag Boston Bag
Rihanna likes the Gucci USA GG Flag Boston bag very much, and she wore it many times. What’s more, the Gucci Boston bag is a limited edition style, so you hardly afford it if you have no money.

3.Gucci Ghost Large Leather Tote bag
Gucci cooperated with a street-artist Troble Andrew to design the cool Gucci Ghost collection. She is in the Ghost large leather tote bag. Beyonce has the same one, too.

4.Gucci GG Supreme Canvas Embroidered shoulder bag
I don’t know what to say about her outfits in the photo. Anyway, her Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Canvas Embroidered shoulder bag is eye-catching. Gucci Dionysus collection has been one of the most popular styles since 2015.

5.Gucci Soho Nubuck leather Mini chain bag
She is wearing a Puma athletic outfit and Soho Mini chain bag. Perfect shape and stylish street style stand out.

6.Gucci Cross-body bag in red and green
The runways of Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2018 showed Gucci Cross-body bag in red and green. Rihanna in the red and green cross-body bag appeared at 2018 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival.