These new-arrival Gucci 1955 Horsebit Bags are the creations of Alessandro Michele, the creative director, who reinterprets the brand’s classy collections with a new perspective. They are carefully integrated into the contemporary modern style with continuing the original design details.

The handbag design follows the neoclassical philosophy that is a classical aesthetic literary trend emerged after the European Renaissance. These Gucci 1955 horse-bit handbags continue the line and shape of the classic Horsebit handbags 60 years ago. The iconic horse bit design is derived from equestrian sports, which is composed of a metal double ring and a chain.

As one of the iconic elements of Gucci, Horsebit is a metal fitting that reflects the close connection between the brand and equestrian sports. The new Gucci 1955 Horsebits shoulder bag pays attention to detail and features a sophisticated interior that combines an elegant silhouette with practical design. Adjustable leather shoulder straps allow the bag to be worn on one shoulder or cross-body for a modern look.

The shoulder bag features a horse-bit buckle in the center of the handbag and a half-horse button on each side of the handbag. The three-dimensional silhouette is complemented by soft leather, and the clamshell design makes the handbag contoured.

The shoulder bag features a pair of G-print canvas with brown or red leather trim, or simple, plain-colored leather. In addition to the brown and red all-leather style, the exclusive blue-plain leather shoulder bag features a brand-named blue-red-blue velvet webbing to showcase the brand’s unique contemporary aesthetic.

Gucci also launched Gucci 1955 Horsebit bucket Bag with a modern silhouette, rich materials with a variety of colors, once appeared in the 2020 early spring fashion-show. The bucket bag features a stiff cylindrical base with a soft leather body and a drawstring top. It is available in both solid and two-tone designs. The exquisite design and practical storage space meet the matching needs of different day and night handbags.

At the same time, the brand launched the brand new messenger bag of Gucci 1955 Horsebit, which is soft and has a sleek charm. Inspired by the iconic horse-bit, the details, materials, and colors all showcase the retro and trendy contemporary spirit, while the larger capacity of the storage space and the soft texture of the body bring high practical value. The leather drawstrings on the mouth are both aesthetic and functional, while the inside of the buckles is magnetic.

In these brand new bags, the shoulder bag and bucket bag will be specially introduced with rare leather materials: snakeskin, ostrich skin and crocodile skin style, which is more luxurious.