Are you wondering on what to do to get rid of those annoying molds on your Gucci bamboo bag’s handle? We understand how the molds on these items can be frustrating. The molds do not only lower the aesthetic appeal of these pricey bags but also predispose you to numerous ill health conditions like sore throats and skin irritations, among others.

To get rid of these molds, it’s critical that you know the reasons why they formed on your bag’s handle.

Reasons for the Gucci bamboo handle’s moldy phenomenon

Now, the molds don’t come from anywhere. They freely exist in the air in invisible form, and will quickly grow if given the best conditions of survival. Here is a rundown of the possible reasons for your Gucci bamboo bag’s handle moldy problem.

1. The material: The material used for making the handle is a prime growing spot for molds. It provides the nutrients for growth while its absorbent nature makes it easy for the handle to retain moisture. This makes it to attract mildew.

2. Humidity: When you hung your Gucci bamboo bag along exterior walls, and in closets during high humidity seasons, it accumulates a lot of water vapor which provides a favorable environment for mold growth.

3. Effects of water: If the item was exposed to water, it becomes damp to give out the moisture that molds require for growth.

4. It could have spread from other sources: Note that molds develop spores quickly, and spread to different locations. Therefore it could be that the spores came from the ceilings or you stored it with other moldy pieces of items or in a musty closet

How to Remove Molds from Your Gucci Bamboo Bag’s handle

If your bag’s handle gets moldy, the best bet is to remove the mold from the affected to prevent it from spreading to other parts. Here is how to do it.

♦ Get a soft cotton cloth/toothbrush, and a household disinfectant/vinegar.

♦ Empty the bag.

♦ Use the soft brush to remove the molds gently.

♦ Add the vinegar/household disinfectant to water then dampen the piece of cloth in the mixture.

♦ Using the dampened cloth gently wipe the affected area then leave the bag to dry out in an open area until all the mold is gone. The handle should regain its shiny, beautiful appearance.

Tips on Gucci bamboo Handle’s moldy problem

The basic rule of the thumb in keeping the handle of your Gucci Bamboo Bag free from molds is avoiding a damp environment with poor air circulation. Here are some tips to achieve this.

♦ Always keep the bag clean. Some elements of dirt speed up mold growth.

♦ Ensure the bag is dry throughout. Don’t allow water elements to stick on it for a long time. Dry it thoroughly and store in a dry place.

♦ Ensure thorough air circulation in the house. It’s crucial to ensure the room is well ventilated. You can keep the windows and doors open for some time to allow fresh air in.