Replica Gucci Osiride


After watching the 2019 spring and summer show of commercials released by Gucci, the biggest feeling of myself is to return to the era of Hollywood song and dance in the 40s and 50s. The propaganda film re-enacted a total of six song and dance blockbusters “Cover Girl”, “An American in Paris”, “Rain in the Rain”, “Gentleman Beauty”, “The Caravan” and “Entertainment First”, which are all classic even at nowadays.

1, beautiful and fine jewelry with the overlapping wearing
I remember that Monroe in “The Gentleman Loves Beauty” said that the “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” episode is already an unsurpassed classic. Such fine jewelry, which superimposed on the fashion show is commonplace, but the daily wear is more practical may be modified below, simple and unique earrings added with a ribbon or the string is so special and amazing.

On the wrist is more concise, such as Rope accessories with metal for bracelets, brooches, and earrings. Wearing formal attire and cotton and linen shirts are very good, even wearing a straw hat on vacation. And these sparkling crystals are not only worn on the neck and wrists, but they are also decorated on the glasses.

2, the clothing is decorated with jewelry that bespread the whole body
This time, just like Gucci latest advertising blockbuster imitates “rain in the rain”, where the girl jumped out of the cake box. A beautiful rhinestone tassel single product, the latest season will be a combination of common suits and T-shirts in gorgeous rhinestone tassels. Many celebrities wear this combination to participate in TV programs on a daily basis. They are somewhat exotic and have film and television effects, but they will not let others think that you are passing through ancient times.

This kind of fringed chain hanging from the head to the corner does not look ugly, and very practical, probably this is the charm of crystal tassel. The same is true for Gucci, which is a shiny jewel from the neck to the head. In reality, I would recommend something more practical. Recommended items: the diamond belt, which is so bright.

Appreciating the brand’s dazzling jewelry accessories, I think it’s time to bring some everyday styles to ease the atmosphere. The handsome Gucci Osiride leather imitated bag will make your jewelry brighter. The main reason for choosing a replica is that the bag has been discontinued. Some individuals are not willing to try second-hand bags, and the quality and price of branded replica bags are very attractive. The most important thing is that the style of the brand package is really suitable for the period of spring and summer, which can light the mood very well. So, greet the 2019 summer with jewels and Gucci Osiride imitated bag.

Gucci Osiride bow leather red imitated bag