Best Selling Gucci Bag Review Celebrities With Gucci Thu, 26 Nov 2020 12:37:17 +0000 en-US hourly 1 These chic bag and accessories of GUCCI Garden Bestiaire series are the most worthwhile if traveling to Italy Wed, 04 Dec 2019 07:01:55 +0000 Conceived by creative director Alessandro Michele and designed to explore the compatible creative spirit, Gucci Garden has launched a new exclusive Gucci Garden Bestiaire series, which is inspired by nature and beasts and interprets the evolving contemporary aesthetics of Gucci.

Gucci Gardens, located in the Lord’s Square in Florence, was originally named after philosophy inspired by nature. Michele once said: “This is a real garden, but it blooms in everyone’s heart and inhabits the large Animals and plants in nature. Like spirit snakes walking in the garden, in a sense, it symbolizes an eternal cycle that goes from beginning to end. “

The Gucci Gardens, located in Florence, the birthplace of the brand, includes a series of exclusive merchandise in the Gucci Garden boutiques to create create a comprehensive tour experience. (So if you need to buy, you must travel to the local area.)

Gucci Garden Bestiaire is named for its diverse animal motifs, including handbags, small leather goods, leather phone cases, and watches. Inspired by vintage postcard designs, illustrations of spirit snakes, cheetahs, and foxes, with strong decorative patterns, are printed on leather accessories in three colors. Each animal corresponds to its own unique color: the spirit snake, symbolizing wisdom and rebirth, is a sunflower-like yellow; the cheetah, symbolizing a primitive and elegant power, contrasting with light rose-red; the fox traveling through the forest, often considered to be extremely wise, it corresponds to the sky blue.

As a token of Gucci Gardens, this series is only available at Gucci Gardens boutiques, with a special meaning of treasured travel memories. The handbags in the collection include rectangular camera bags with removable shoulder straps and bamboo handles, one of the long-standing and characteristic Gucci collection designs. Different sizes of leather handbags come with removable shoulder straps for a variety of combinations. In addition to retaining the iconic double tiger head metal buckle accessory on the Dionysus chain handbag, the front is also decorated with metal bats and a golden Gucci garden logo, echoing the animal motifs on the back of the handbag.

Small leather goods in the collection include zip briefcases, clutches, wallets, cardholders, and iPhone cases. In addition, the series includes three G-Timeless-based watches with leather straps and an animal motif on the dial.

What Should You Do If The Handle of Gucci Bamboo Bag Is Moldy Mon, 18 Nov 2019 06:38:14 +0000 Are you wondering on what to do to get rid of those annoying molds on your Gucci bamboo bag’s handle? We understand how the molds on these items can be frustrating. The molds do not only lower the aesthetic appeal of these pricey bags but also predispose you to numerous ill health conditions like sore throats and skin irritations, among others.

To get rid of these molds, it’s critical that you know the reasons why they formed on your bag’s handle.

Reasons for the Gucci bamboo handle’s moldy phenomenon

Now, the molds don’t come from anywhere. They freely exist in the air in invisible form, and will quickly grow if given the best conditions of survival. Here is a rundown of the possible reasons for your Gucci bamboo bag’s handle moldy problem.

1. The material: The material used for making the handle is a prime growing spot for molds. It provides the nutrients for growth while its absorbent nature makes it easy for the handle to retain moisture. This makes it to attract mildew.

2. Humidity: When you hung your Gucci bamboo bag along exterior walls, and in closets during high humidity seasons, it accumulates a lot of water vapor which provides a favorable environment for mold growth.

3. Effects of water: If the item was exposed to water, it becomes damp to give out the moisture that molds require for growth.

4. It could have spread from other sources: Note that molds develop spores quickly, and spread to different locations. Therefore it could be that the spores came from the ceilings or you stored it with other moldy pieces of items or in a musty closet

How to Remove Molds from Your Gucci Bamboo Bag’s handle

If your bag’s handle gets moldy, the best bet is to remove the mold from the affected to prevent it from spreading to other parts. Here is how to do it.

♦ Get a soft cotton cloth/toothbrush, and a household disinfectant/vinegar.

♦ Empty the bag.

♦ Use the soft brush to remove the molds gently.

♦ Add the vinegar/household disinfectant to water then dampen the piece of cloth in the mixture.

♦ Using the dampened cloth gently wipe the affected area then leave the bag to dry out in an open area until all the mold is gone. The handle should regain its shiny, beautiful appearance.

Tips on Gucci bamboo Handle’s moldy problem

The basic rule of the thumb in keeping the handle of your Gucci Bamboo Bag free from molds is avoiding a damp environment with poor air circulation. Here are some tips to achieve this.

♦ Always keep the bag clean. Some elements of dirt speed up mold growth.

♦ Ensure the bag is dry throughout. Don’t allow water elements to stick on it for a long time. Dry it thoroughly and store in a dry place.

♦ Ensure thorough air circulation in the house. It’s crucial to ensure the room is well ventilated. You can keep the windows and doors open for some time to allow fresh air in.

Shopping Tips: Things you must know before buying Gucci bags Fri, 18 Oct 2019 06:35:26 +0000 Have you been wondering about good shopping guides of investing in Gucci handbags? How about Gucci IT bags? Then you will find this article helpful regarding the review and value of Gucci handbags.

Why have Gucci bags gained so much popularity?

Gucci bags have gained much popularity as a result of the Gucci company having a rich heritage for so long. This has propelled the company in the right direction of being able to market the Gucci bags to the higher class clients around the globe who love fashion and elite, high-end pieces. Also, the good news is that because the bags have a high resale value when one wishes to dispose of the bags, this makes the Gucci bags more popular to buy among women who love to change their bags frequently with the various seasons and trends. Another reason why these bags are so popular is a result of them being promoted and purchased by celebrities. For example, Ashanti, Nia Long and Salma Hayek are celebrities that love Gucci handbags.

Are Gucci bags really worth the price?

Gucci bags are worth the price, because they are made of fine quality leather and other elements. These bags are highly durable and will function well for a long time. The bags are highly fashionable and they elevate your outfit to look fabulous for any occasion. Also, Gucci bags are worth the price in that they have a high resale value, which means you really will not lose much money if you decide to sell your Gucci bag. Also, you get the elite status that is associated with owning a high class Gucci bag.

Best 5 Gucci bags worth purchasing

The first choice is the Gucci Queen Margaret which makes a bold and elegant fashion statement most assuredly.

Then the second choice is the Gucci Jackie Bag for those who love floral patterns and elegance.

Next, the third choice is the Gucci Sylvie Bag for those who want a classic bag with some extravagant extra fashion frill.

Choice number four is the Gucci Ophidia Shoulder Bag for those who like fashion inspired ty the era of the 70s.

Finally, the fifth choice is the Gucci Rebelle Top Handle Tote which is ultra urban and sleek in style.

Reasons you should get your own Gucci bag

You should get your own Gucci bag if you love to be in vogue with high fashion statement pieces. Also, Gucci bags are highly durable and will last for many years. They go great with many outfits and elevate your wardrobe to a higher level of classiness and distinction. Also, the value of Gucci bags often increases over time.

Gucci 1955 Horsebit Bag: It bag of Gucci next year Mon, 23 Sep 2019 07:30:33 +0000 These new-arrival Gucci 1955 Horsebit Bags are the creations of Alessandro Michele, the creative director, who reinterprets the brand’s classy collections with a new perspective. They are carefully integrated into the contemporary modern style with continuing the original design details.

The handbag design follows the neoclassical philosophy that is a classical aesthetic literary trend emerged after the European Renaissance. These Gucci 1955 horse-bit handbags continue the line and shape of the classic Horsebit handbags 60 years ago. The iconic horse bit design is derived from equestrian sports, which is composed of a metal double ring and a chain.

As one of the iconic elements of Gucci, Horsebit is a metal fitting that reflects the close connection between the brand and equestrian sports. The new Gucci 1955 Horsebits shoulder bag pays attention to detail and features a sophisticated interior that combines an elegant silhouette with practical design. Adjustable leather shoulder straps allow the bag to be worn on one shoulder or cross-body for a modern look.

The shoulder bag features a horse-bit buckle in the center of the handbag and a half-horse button on each side of the handbag. The three-dimensional silhouette is complemented by soft leather, and the clamshell design makes the handbag contoured.

The shoulder bag features a pair of G-print canvas with brown or red leather trim, or simple, plain-colored leather. In addition to the brown and red all-leather style, the exclusive blue-plain leather shoulder bag features a brand-named blue-red-blue velvet webbing to showcase the brand’s unique contemporary aesthetic.

Gucci also launched Gucci 1955 Horsebit bucket Bag with a modern silhouette, rich materials with a variety of colors, once appeared in the 2020 early spring fashion-show. The bucket bag features a stiff cylindrical base with a soft leather body and a drawstring top. It is available in both solid and two-tone designs. The exquisite design and practical storage space meet the matching needs of different day and night handbags.

At the same time, the brand launched the brand new messenger bag of Gucci 1955 Horsebit, which is soft and has a sleek charm. Inspired by the iconic horse-bit, the details, materials, and colors all showcase the retro and trendy contemporary spirit, while the larger capacity of the storage space and the soft texture of the body bring high practical value. The leather drawstrings on the mouth are both aesthetic and functional, while the inside of the buckles is magnetic.

In these brand new bags, the shoulder bag and bucket bag will be specially introduced with rare leather materials: snakeskin, ostrich skin and crocodile skin style, which is more luxurious.

Smell Memory – Gucci’s Alchemist’s Garden Perfume Tue, 17 Sep 2019 10:42:36 +0000

In Gucci’s creative director, Michal, scents and emotions are inextricably linked, and it connects memories and the future. He invited the bartender Albert Moreiras to complete the alchemist’s garden with him.The entire collection includes seven fragrances, three aromatic waters, four fragrance essential oils, and a fragrance candle.

Inspired by alchemy and aroma-making, they used modern molecular layering techniques to complete this series of custom fragrances. For each product in the perfume range, Gucci has chosen a representative element under the brand as the core theme, and recommends the use of the same series of essential oils and fragrance sprayoverlays, so that this fragrance more distinct three-dimensional, but also from then on to get a more chic exclusive “fragrance”.

Each bottle of perfume is 100 ml, the container was inspired by the ancient pharmacist wooden frame perfume container, using expensive lacquer glass bottles, even the cap is part of the decoration. Each perfume is packed in a commemorative box and comes with a companion shopping bag and corrugated bag.

❥ The Alchemist’s Garden-A Song for the Rose

Extracted from Bulgarian roses near harvest. The ultimate delicate and charming rose native essence, accompanied by sweet musk and rich woody fragrance, rose fragrance blends a double sense of smell and beautiful melody.

❥ The Alchemist’s Garden-The Voice of the Snake

Surrounded by rare and mysterious aromas of incense, mixed with a mixture of fennel oil and saffron pollen, the fragrance is rich and deep, as shocking and hypnotic as the snake’s whispers.

❥ The Alchemist’s Garden-Winter’s Spring

The shy grass of bright, powdery velvet-shaped flowers is the first sign of spring. Combining the smell of pepper and musk, this fragrance brings you instant light with instant strength and energy.

❥ The Alchemist’s Garden-Tears of Iris

The iris is one of the oldest fragrance essences, and when the aromas of seeds and musk seinevers, it adds to the depth of the fragrance and enriches the sense of smell.

❥ The Alchemist’s Garden-The Last Day of Summer

“A Day in late summer” is inspired by Micheli’s clear vision of the special moment of walking through the forest in the early autumn. The nostalgia of the end of summer, which coincides with the change of seasons, is a symbol of the change of life and nature. This gorgeous and warm fragrance is made from fir, cypress and nutmeg. Feel the lush woody fragrance, the blend of rustic fennel oil, and the aroma of vanilla roots.

Lipstick will be late but not absent, GUCCI beauty is new Mon, 09 Sep 2019 11:01:17 +0000 Luxury brands may be late for makeup lines, but I’m afraid they won’t be absent.

In fact, Gucci before also have a makeup line, and the wind review is also very good, products are full of “double G” logo, in short, the painting style or more elegant expensive type The entire collection features a black-and-gold two-tone shell with a very stylish appearance and a full retro feel.

Looking back at Gucci Beauty’s former ads, it’s completely different from the luxury and the rich beauty! Classic old flower logo full of design, high-grade black gold design, although the old version of the double G, but the face value is really not familiar with other brands.Alessandro Michele took over, he’s been able to ‘get away with the design’ of Gucci’s make-up line.But it has to be said that Gucci’s unusual path has really left a deep impression.

Gucci’s lipstick is currently available in three styles: gold tube, chip pipe and blue tube, and the texture of the three lipsticks is not the same. The texture of the crusher tube lipstick is moisturizing, its color rendering is relatively low, and it will be used to compare some of the daily.

GUCCI Crushed Flower25 #

The series is water-filled makeup, and dior, chanel new water light sense, completely different, Gucci painted more texture, not oily, is delicate moisture sense, this feeling only in the Japanese lady brand lipstick feel, coated on the mouth of the texture is really super good, 25 is a super spring and summer color, The overall orange color with a little red, good tender, good fresh, especially young one, do not pick people do not pick skin, or even do not pick the age, plain face is also quite a touch of gas color.

Blue shell lipstick is a positive colored lipstick, moisturizing is very high, but generally the higher the moisturizer, the lower the color, so its color effect is not very selective.

Gold tube is more matte, the highest color, painted on the mouth has a creamy texture, meticulous retro baroque carved shell to make the lipstick high sense of the next layer.Super sweet treasure cooked bean sand color, very white gentle, belong to the light makeup thick wipe the total color of this is much weaker than 23 brown tone, this color is much more tender, very bright color, the whole saturation just good, not naughty very hundred, and tomford white tube new color 04 than a little warmer than the color.(GUCCI New Gold Tube 202#)

GUCCI lipstick, from head to toe are filled with a strong sense of high-level, the feeling of applying is wonderful, each is enough air field, absolutely worth the color.

In Addition To The Popular Elements To Become The Fashion Pioneer In 2019, You Also Need The Moranty Color Clothing To Be Bright Thu, 25 Apr 2019 08:38:37 +0000 Nowadays, people are more and more controllable about color. There is no exquisite color before. The more popular color of 2019 is advanced Morandi, which will be the same as the original thick and colorful color, making the whole picture restrict each other and make the vision reach a perfect balance.

Goose yellow
As a necessity for daily dressing, the beige color of the goose yellow soybean and the main color complement each other, even if it is worn alone, it will give a simple temperament.
Leonie Hanne, a fashion blogger from Germany, has a good value in addition to his high value. In the spring and summer style, the suit is very versatile.

Smoke pink
It is one of the Morandi colors, with a gray tone and a sense of quality. This dirty pink temperament is more elegant and gentle with mature charm.
Known as the “real version of Gossip Girl Queen B”, the New York Upper East Side celebrity Olivia Palermo dressed in the brown color is used to set off the smoke pink, which makes the overall shape mature and stable, and it is worth learning in the workplace.

Grey purple
Purple can stand out from the full gray tone, combined with bright white and vivid yellow, and dark gray aids to create a full layering.
Justin Bieber finally returned to normal young people’s dress. Nowadays, the most relaxed and simple style of young people is the sweater, the oversize with shorts, and the simple basic style can be used by everyone.

Olive green
In fact, people have a very literary name called “Chilli Stalk Green”. This kind of green has both a visual sense of color and is as friendly as black with a variety of colors.
The supermodel Bella Hadid is more chilly with a little coolness, the private dress is also very individual, and reveals a sexy style full of character.

With the literary dress of the Morandi color, it is necessary to match the individual accessories to prop up the fashion of 2019. The bag has to bear the brunt and become the focus. The low-key classic Gucci Sylvie bag always surprises you. The brand’s bags are relatively mature, with a youthful dress and match, can play a good balance. Choose the classic style of Gucci Sylvie to show your personality. However, this also has a drawback, that is, the classic style is basically not available now, even in the second-hand market, there is very little inventory. Therefore, I can only go to the replica market to search. After all, the popular classic style is what the replica market is most willing to make. If you really choose Gucci Sylvie black leather imitated bag, then choose the color, material, and style.

The Blockbuster Popular Elements In The Promotional Video Of 2019 Gucci Spring And Summer Show Sat, 20 Apr 2019 08:19:40 +0000 After watching the 2019 spring and summer show of commercials released by Gucci, the biggest feeling of myself is to return to the era of Hollywood song and dance in the 40s and 50s. The propaganda film re-enacted a total of six song and dance blockbusters “Cover Girl”, “An American in Paris”, “Rain in the Rain”, “Gentleman Beauty”, “The Caravan” and “Entertainment First”, which are all classic even at nowadays.

1, beautiful and fine jewelry with the overlapping wearing
I remember that Monroe in “The Gentleman Loves Beauty” said that the “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” episode is already an unsurpassed classic. Such fine jewelry, which superimposed on the fashion show is commonplace, but the daily wear is more practical may be modified below, simple and unique earrings added with a ribbon or the string is so special and amazing.

On the wrist is more concise, such as Rope accessories with metal for bracelets, brooches, and earrings. Wearing formal attire and cotton and linen shirts are very good, even wearing a straw hat on vacation. And these sparkling crystals are not only worn on the neck and wrists, but they are also decorated on the glasses.

2, the clothing is decorated with jewelry that bespread the whole body
This time, just like Gucci latest advertising blockbuster imitates “rain in the rain”, where the girl jumped out of the cake box. A beautiful rhinestone tassel single product, the latest season will be a combination of common suits and T-shirts in gorgeous rhinestone tassels. Many celebrities wear this combination to participate in TV programs on a daily basis. They are somewhat exotic and have film and television effects, but they will not let others think that you are passing through ancient times.

This kind of fringed chain hanging from the head to the corner does not look ugly, and very practical, probably this is the charm of crystal tassel. The same is true for Gucci, which is a shiny jewel from the neck to the head. In reality, I would recommend something more practical. Recommended items: the diamond belt, which is so bright.

Appreciating the brand’s dazzling jewelry accessories, I think it’s time to bring some everyday styles to ease the atmosphere. The handsome Gucci Osiride leather imitated bag will make your jewelry brighter. The main reason for choosing a replica is that the bag has been discontinued. Some individuals are not willing to try second-hand bags, and the quality and price of branded replica bags are very attractive. The most important thing is that the style of the brand package is really suitable for the period of spring and summer, which can light the mood very well. So, greet the 2019 summer with jewels and Gucci Osiride imitated bag.

Gucci Osiride bow leather red imitated bag

How Cute Is The Peach Heart–Gucci Marmont GG Marmont Bag Loved By Girls And Ladies Wed, 17 Apr 2019 07:53:41 +0000 People always said that love should be in the heart, but some people say that love should be boldly displayed! If you don’t like to put your love on your mouth, it’s better to carry it on your clothes bag. A peach heart can give people a variety of associations, at least it can symbolize love, sweet and lovely.

Looking at the recent star fashion blogger street shooting, the girl style has become popular, and the girl’s characteristics in the dressing dress, Gucci Pre-Fall peach heart chain bag must be a recommended accessory.

This art-filled Gucci chain bag is more than just a shackle, but a series of not only chain bags, backpacks, mini bags, Gucci Pre-Fall GG Marmont peach heart bags full of fashion ICO. Red peach heart, champagne gold stars and stripes, gold pattern and color ribbon, as well as a large bronze double G buckle, the effect of these elements mixed up to make the girl full of overflow, sweet but not greasy. And the very rich style of peach heart Gucci bag to say that only the girl students are sought after, it is a big mistake, because every woman does have a girl’s heart! An elegant and dignified dress can also add some girlish flavor!

However, such a style full of design is only found in this year’s new Gucci bag, although it will not be popular for a few years, now there are a lot of fashionista street beats, Gucci Pre-Fall GG Marmont peach heart bag is not as popular as it is.

Fashionable hipsters with demonstrations, energetic camouflage tide suits with Gucci Pre-Fall GG Marmont peach heart bag, full of youthful atmosphere. However, in the minds of blogger, the girlish style should be like this, and the sweet and lovely taste is not lost in elegance! Gucci Pre-Fall GG Marmont peach heart chain bag, style appearance and details of physical shooting, slim body is actually cleverly designed, two compartments two zipper layer, camel superfine fiber, and black leather lined, small size Gucci In addition to being beautiful, the chain bag can also be practical, which is really good!

How to make dressing full of girlish style? The blogger has found some demonstrations about the Gucci Pre-Fall GG Marmont peach heart chain bag.

Although the GG Marmont peach heart chain bag is very beautiful, it is quite difficult to buy them. After all, the production process is relatively troublesome, so the number is limited. However, we can consider the imitation package, so that the beautiful girl can have more choices. Don’t hesitate to let the Gucci Pre-Fall GG Marmont peach heart chain knock-off bag spend the night with you in the spring of 2019.

Gucci Pre-Fall GG Marmont peach heart chain imitated bag

Learn How To Shop On The Internet Through Ralph Breaks The Internet — PayPal As The Most Convenient Way Of Paying Tue, 09 Apr 2019 09:21:18 +0000 Ralph Breaks the Internet is a film produced by Walt Disney Pictures in 2018. Although this film is built around the destruction of the emotion between King Ralph and Yunilup. At the same time, the film shows the audience the internal virtual structure of the fast-growing Internet. People have a deeper understanding of the Internet and eBay payments. This film is a bridge between reality and the virtual world.
The popularity of the Internet makes online shopping more convenient. Of course, this also requires the help of online payment– PayPal.

A brief introduction to the history of PayPal
PayPal, an Internet third-party payment service provider based in San Jose, Calif., allows funds to be transferred between users who use e-mail to identify their identity, avoiding traditional methods of mailing checks or remittances. PayPal was founded in December 1998 by Ken Howery, Max Levchenko, Elon Musk, Luke Nosek, and Peter Tiel.

Since then, PayPal has expanded its business since 2000, including launching businesses in other countries and joining currency units other than the US dollar, including the British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, New Taiwan Dollar, and Hong Kong Dollar.

In October 2002, eBay, the world’s largest auction site, acquired PayPal for $1.5 billion, and PayPal became one of eBay’s main payment channels. Today, PayPal has supported more than 193 locations with more than 250 million registered users (2012). PayPal is currently the world’s largest online payment provider.

On May 18, 2018, PayPal invested US$2.2 billion (approximately HK$17.16 billion) to acquire Swedish startup iZettle to expand its in-store payment service coverage. On June 4th, PayPal acquired Jetlore, an artificial intelligence (AI) retail system developer. On June 20th, PayPal spent $400 million to acquire the group payment platform HyperWallet. On June 25th, PayPal spent $120 million to acquire the anti-fraud risk management platform Similarity, which will strengthen its related security functions.

Why choose PayPal as a payment method
PayPal will often check the IP of the user’s login account. If the IP is changed frequently, which can effectively prevent the account from being stolen. Privacy is protected through PayPal, which is very popular with consumers.

In eBay transaction, both buyer and seller will be protected by the rules of “credit” and “evaluation”. However, its protection mechanism is biased towards the buyer side. Trading outside of eBay, PayPal can return the money as soon as it complains to PayPal about “unauthorized transactions” or complains to the bank that “credit card has been stolen.” For this mechanism, PayPal offers a refutation period of 60 days. After the buyer pays, the buyer can initiate a complaint that the goods have not been received within 45 days, the product received does not match the description and the dispute can also be initiated.