When the company was preparing for the Christmas party and rehearsing, a very exciting melody made everyone jump involuntarily. Later I checked it out and it is The Fox.

This is a promotional song produced by the Ilvisack brothers to promote the new season’s talk show TV show, which was uploaded on YouTube on September 3, 2013 and included in the album “Ylvis Show”. The song had 4.1 million hits in less than 3 days after uploading, and the number of online 32-day visits exceeded 100 million. It can be seen that the popularity of this song. Even after so many years, when the melody is remembered, everyone will still remember those interesting pictures.

Speaking of foxes, I have to mention Japan that likes foxes quite a bit. In general, large-scale traditional festivals will have fox-shaped masks. Even anime often sees such a picture: people with fox masks shuttle through the streets, which is very festive. This kind of mask is called “fox face”, a traditional Japanese toy. The fox face is divided into many kinds, and the most common ones are “God Fox” and “White Fox”.

1, God Fox
This mask looks a little scary, but God Fox is a friendly animal. The legend of it originated in China. For thousand years life, it has the power to communicate with the sky, and is the most advanced of all kinds of foxes. Therefore, the ancient Japanese believed that with the fox mask, they could have the same power as God.

2, White Fox
Japanese believe that the black and the white fox are the beasts, and further believe that they are the messengers of the Inari-God, who is in charge of agriculture, traveling freely to between the human and spiritual circles.

In Japan, this mask has two forms: a half and a full face. The former is able to completely expose the eyes, while the latter has a small eyelet. Therefore, the former is more popular. And the “fox face” used by this witch to represent the messenger of Inari, which loved bu people, has become the most traditional decoration.

In addition, in Western culture, the fox is also recognized as the most chic, unyielding, intelligent and pursuing freedom. Perhaps for this reason, many luxury brands will choose this image to add color to their work. Let consumers pay more attention to the inner design concept of the work while pursuing beauty, so as to better understand the culture of the brand.

Gucci is a brand that likes to integrate animals into your work. In brand’s garden, there are snakes, bees, tigers, lions, elephants, and foxes mentioned earlier. Every animal finds its perfect positioning in works. For example, this GG Supreme fox flips the magnet bamboo bag.