Review of Gucci Garden Bestiaire bags 2019


Conceived by creative director Alessandro Michele and designed to explore the compatible creative spirit, Gucci Garden has launched a new exclusive Gucci Garden Bestiaire series, which is inspired by nature and beasts and interprets the evolving contemporary aesthetics of Gucci.

Gucci Gardens, located in the Lord’s Square in Florence, was originally named after philosophy inspired by nature. Michele once said: “This is a real garden, but it blooms in everyone’s heart and inhabits the large Animals and plants in nature. Like spirit snakes walking in the garden, in a sense, it symbolizes an eternal cycle that goes from beginning to end. “

The Gucci Gardens, located in Florence, the birthplace of the brand, includes a series of exclusive merchandise in the Gucci Garden boutiques to create create a comprehensive tour experience. (So if you need to buy, you must travel to the local area.)

Gucci Garden Bestiaire is named for its diverse animal motifs, including handbags, small leather goods, leather phone cases, and watches. Inspired by vintage postcard designs, illustrations of spirit snakes, cheetahs, and foxes, with strong decorative patterns, are printed on leather accessories in three colors. Each animal corresponds to its own unique color: the spirit snake, symbolizing wisdom and rebirth, is a sunflower-like yellow; the cheetah, symbolizing a primitive and elegant power, contrasting with light rose-red; the fox traveling through the forest, often considered to be extremely wise, it corresponds to the sky blue.

As a token of Gucci Gardens, this series is only available at Gucci Gardens boutiques, with a special meaning of treasured travel memories. The handbags in the collection include rectangular camera bags with removable shoulder straps and bamboo handles, one of the long-standing and characteristic Gucci collection designs. Different sizes of leather handbags come with removable shoulder straps for a variety of combinations. In addition to retaining the iconic double tiger head metal buckle accessory on the Dionysus chain handbag, the front is also decorated with metal bats and a golden Gucci garden logo, echoing the animal motifs on the back of the handbag.

Small leather goods in the collection include zip briefcases, clutches, wallets, cardholders, and iPhone cases. In addition, the series includes three G-Timeless-based watches with leather straps and an animal motif on the dial.