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My friend went to Europe for a business trip, and the hotel environment was very good. he recommend it to us by photo. In addition to the exquisite decor, I was attracted by an unknown flower, which bloomed on the window sill, making the whole room brighter. And later I learned that this is geranium.

The geranium, native to southern Africa in the history, was brought back to the Botanical Garden in Leiden, the Netherlands, by a vessel docked at the Cape of Good Hope before 1600. In 1631, British horticulturist John Tradescant purchased seeds from Rene Morin in Paris and introduced the plants to England. The tenacious geranium is the best decorative flower on the window sill, enriching the city’s hierarchy and culture. Especially Germany, Austria and Hungary.

Geranium in harmony with architecture

The smell is sweet and slightly heavy that likes a rose and mint. Historical clinical record that it was used to treat cholera and bone injuries, which also has effect of exorcism.

The beauty value of geranium
Geranium is suitable for all skin conditions because it balances sebum secretion and saturates the skin. It is a comprehensive cleansing oil. Because geranium can promote blood circulation, it will make the pale skin more rosy and energetic after use. It can be used for incense or toweling to stimulate the lymphatic system and strengthen the circulatory system.

In addition, geranium, grapefruit, and lavender are mixed at a specific rate and dropped on the pillow. It is the most magical sleeping essence oil. Not only does it have a soothing effect, but it can also drive away any mosquitoes that can interfere with your sleep. The fragrance can bring you a good dream!

Precautions: May irritate the skin and avoid using pure agents on the skin. Can regulate hormones, do not use during pregnancy. Geranium has strong adaptability, bright colors and long flowering period. It is suitable for indoor display and flower bed arrangement. This can be seen from the picture above, as a decorative flower is really beautiful.

Geranium is not only the pride of the African people, but also very popular in the Eurasian region. Countries such as Germany, Spain and Hungary attach great importance to the production and breeding of geraniums, and Hungary also has a colorful geranium as a national flower.
Geranium flower language: By chance, happiness is by your side. Having a geranium is equivalent to having happiness. Perhaps it is to take a fancy to the various effects of this plant, so Gucci will choose it as a decorative print for the GG bag. The uniquely shaped prints are matched with Gucci bag, which is always unforgettable.

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