Replica Gucci bamboo


Let me share a funny story about Aldo Gucci.
In 1947, just after the end of World War II, the whole of Europe was so poor. Business is not good, let alone the luxury goods industry. Ordinary people have no money, and the manufacturing plant has no place to enter raw materials. Aldo Gucci is free to go to London to relax(with no thing to do), come back and bring a bamboo bag (maybe he feels that the process is very special). It may be that the technique is too complicated, or it may be the brand wants to save a part of the raw material that the bag that replaces the leather handle with bamboo. And they all did not expect the bamboo design to become the most classic representative element of the brand.

The first Gucci bamboo bag that appeared in the world now looks very special. Inspired by the shape of the saddle, coded 0633, it is placed in the Gucci private collection in Milan.

The Gucci imitated bamboo bag

In fact, the Bamboo shopper bag has only the handle made of bamboo, but the process is also quite strict.

The rigorous demand of materials selection
The bamboo used in the Gucci Bamboo shopper bag that is described in the brochure of the earliest period is custom-made. Do you think that a normal bamboo can be chosen by Gucci? The first bamboos came from the Italian allies–Japan, and of course it has the best quality. It is said that the only bamboo can be used from Sichuan province, China nowadays.

Handmade makes the bamboo bag more unique
After the quality of the bamboo was guaranteed, the handle of the bag is began to be produced.

First, the fire is baked to make the bamboo heat and soften (because the bamboo is fresh and contains water, it will bend under high temperature fire attack.) At this time, it is necessary to bend each bamboo with the strength of perfect to zero error. Because it is handmade, the handles of each Bamboo shopper bag are unique and limited.

After forming a perfect shape of U, craftsmen put on a metal holder to stabilize the curved shape. Then, natural beeswax and French varnish are applied on the handle. In order to prevent the phenomenon of dripping, this process must also be done manually. And then placed in a of another metal holder to shape.

In 2013, the new Bamboo shopper bag was launched, and the leopard-print element was used for the first time in the early autumn show. And after so many years, even in 2019, the Bamboo shopper bag is still a must-have bag for Gucci fans, which shows how popular it is.

Gucci Bamboo shopper black leather imitated bag