December 2018


Fashion world often sets off a retro trend. Once, the velvet has always occupied the top three positions in the fabric list. It likes a velvet clothing, giving an impression of being old-fashioned and difficult to take. Finally, through all the creativity and whimsy of the designers, the velvet returned to the public with a new attitude. After many brands, Gucci has created the velvet for the own taste of the brand.

The latest season of Gucci brought us a velvet chain bag with stitching embroidery style! The new styles have no pressure to match! Lightweight use of the extravagant velvet itself, coupled with embroidery, letter logo and other trendy elements, but all these parts also successfully avoided the velvet old-fashioned autumn! In the new season of Gucci, the Spa for appearance is provided for the bag, and the velvet is used instead of the leather to interpret the elegant taste.

Most of the Gucci Marmont velvet handbags with a gorgeous color classic is not exaggerated! The double G logo is the most eye-catching part of the Marmont collection with unexpected results.

In addition to the basic solid velvet style, the print with vintage embroidery GG Marmont is like a piece of art. The pattern of flowers and the letters of uppercase do not feel exaggerated, but bring a charming dreamy feeling.

When it comes to Gucci, Dionysus will be the most fashion bag. The double tiger head buckle is eye-catching. The length of the multi-chain strap design also allows diversify ways to use for Dionysian bag.

The black velvet Dionysus has the highest frequency in daily life, no matter which style is full and versatile, making people feel fashionable. And it is suitable for almost all the occasions. The combination of velvet suede and rhinestones is also very popular.

Many people say that Gucci large velvet bags if not fit petite ladies, then try crazy fashion pockets!

In the promotion of this new thing, Gucci has been at the forefront. The resurgence of the pockets let people shine. The appearance of the Gucci Fanny Pack is not only versatile, but also frees hands. Compared with the ordinary leather, velvet waist pocket highlights the girl’s exclusive elegant texture, which can make people the most dazzling one in the crowd.

Retro style and color with the best quality velvet offer a perfect experience for the owner. Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, it can make you be the most dazzling star in the crowd. Finally, bloggers recommend several nice Gucci velvet bags to you.

Gucci GG Marmont embellished velvet small bag
Gucci GG Marmont mini quilted velvet bag
Gucci GG Marmont mini velvet handbag
Gucci GG Marmont medium velvet handbag
Gucci Dionysus Ultra mini suede leather bag
Gucci Dionysus medium suede and leather bag
Gucci Ophidia small bag

Well, it is just a Gucci bag. When it comes to Gucci, we have to mention the bamboo bag, which is the classic work of brand. As the most unique bag, its history must be very exciting. Come on, let’s walk into the origin of Gucci bamboo.

The first bamboo bag was introduced in 1947. Once bamboo bag was launched, it was popular. The first public appearance was Ingrid Bergman’s film “Viaggio in Italy”.

In the movie, together with Ingrid Bergman, in addition to the Gucci bamboo bag and bamboo umbrella. During the filming, Ingrid Bergman carried the Gucci bamboo bag when she takes her son out of the street in Naples.

In 1950, bamboo bag was mainly made of leather, and now it still fashion.

In the late 1950s, bamboo bag began to use the color Rinascimento weave combined with leather. This red is very passionate.

In the early 1960s, the color Leonardoa figure that was interwoven with plain weave, was used to create a bamboo bag according to the hemp material.

First introduced the classic red and green ribbon in 1963 with a brown crocodile leather combined.

From the 1950s to the 1960s, Hollywood was popular in Italy, and actresses loved to visit famous stores. At this time, everyone naturally noticed Gucci and bamboo bag was in the position of NO.1.

In 1966, actress Vanessa Redgrave portable Gucci Bamboo handbag appeared in the film “Blow up” shooting scene.

In 1958, Elizabeth Taylor also appeared in the film “Cat On a Hot Tin Roof” rehearsal in the film

Princess Diana visited Rome with Gucci Bamboo Bag in 1991.

French President’s wife Carla Bruni carries a Gucci classic bamboo bag

Evan Rachel Wood is one of the fans belongs to the bamboo bag. In her street shooting, the figure of the bamboo bag can be seen everywhere.

The first bamboo watch in the early 1970s (left) was cast in brown enamel. And the round bracelet in 1971 (right), embellished with green enamel.

In 1990, Gucci women shoes began to boldly use the bamboo texture of the heel.

After the 80s, Gucci’s umbrella used a bamboo-shaped handle and the bamboo was used to decorate the wallet.

In 1991, the shopping bag with bamboo handle was introduced, and the pig leather was used as the material. At the same time, the bamboo handle was gradually applied to the handbag of a larger style.

After entering the 21st century, Gucci designers made new adjustments to the bamboo bag. The improved bamboo bag has a reduced size, rich materials and colors. There is also a splicing style bag. Regardless of these, the decoration of bamboo is still an essential element of bag.

Gucci bamboo daily katie homes flowers printing green leather imitated bag

Recently, Gucci has produced a lot of retro accessories, and Ophidia is a romantic and retro art in this season. Retro trend of Gucci Ophidia has become the favorite of fashionista.
Style: messenger bags, mini bags, bucket bags, travel bags, Boston bags, to trendy pockets.

Ophidia brought the retro style to a decade ago. Belt bag is a fashion magic weapon for matching and also a must-have for street shooting. It can be worn at waist or shoulder, which is so fashionable. In fact, this bag design is more neutral, both men and women can wear,which can enhance the relationship.

Gucci Ophidia GG Supreme canvas with brown leather, exudes a rich retro flavor, which is classic and trendy. It will be the best choice for traveling with Gucci Ophidia.

Well match. This bag cannot only match the skirt, lace, cotton material. It also can pair with leather clothes and suits. My personal favorite wearing is checkered suit with a retro taste. If you wear a jacket, the long model will be better. And you can wear the lace sling inside of the suit, which is more gentle and chic.

Large space. The size of 17.5*10.5*2.5cm can definitely hold the things you need everyday. And there is a small zipper bag outside for the card or change. When I go out to play, I usually install mobile phone, lipstick, foundation, car key and card holder. Sometimes I can help my boyfriend pack the cigarette, but I refuse most of the time. Although the package has a large capacity, if it is too full, the bag will go out that makes the package not good. This is also the thing that girls are least willing to see.

Free hands. It’s great to liberate your hands and it’s great after the experience. It’s easy to carry, Liking a backpack. And the hands are released, so people can do some other work. Moreover, the belt bag is quite convenient for taking items. There is really no more suitable bag than this style.

This small pocket is not only fashionable, but also super-careful, soft to the touch and clear in texture. Because it is a spliced bag that is very textured. Coupled with the iconic red and green ribbons, it fully reflects the unique retro style of Gucci Ophidia GG Supreme.

The small belt bag has the zipper closure, and the lining material is camel microfiber, which is soft and practical. At least 5 cards can be placed on the inside design. As a mini belt bag, interior space and features are enough for daily life.In addition to canvas, there are velvet materials, which are suitable for autumn and winter travel.

My friend went to Europe for a business trip, and the hotel environment was very good. he recommend it to us by photo. In addition to the exquisite decor, I was attracted by an unknown flower, which bloomed on the window sill, making the whole room brighter. And later I learned that this is geranium.

The geranium, native to southern Africa in the history, was brought back to the Botanical Garden in Leiden, the Netherlands, by a vessel docked at the Cape of Good Hope before 1600. In 1631, British horticulturist John Tradescant purchased seeds from Rene Morin in Paris and introduced the plants to England. The tenacious geranium is the best decorative flower on the window sill, enriching the city’s hierarchy and culture. Especially Germany, Austria and Hungary.

Geranium in harmony with architecture

The smell is sweet and slightly heavy that likes a rose and mint. Historical clinical record that it was used to treat cholera and bone injuries, which also has effect of exorcism.

The beauty value of geranium
Geranium is suitable for all skin conditions because it balances sebum secretion and saturates the skin. It is a comprehensive cleansing oil. Because geranium can promote blood circulation, it will make the pale skin more rosy and energetic after use. It can be used for incense or toweling to stimulate the lymphatic system and strengthen the circulatory system.

In addition, geranium, grapefruit, and lavender are mixed at a specific rate and dropped on the pillow. It is the most magical sleeping essence oil. Not only does it have a soothing effect, but it can also drive away any mosquitoes that can interfere with your sleep. The fragrance can bring you a good dream!

Precautions: May irritate the skin and avoid using pure agents on the skin. Can regulate hormones, do not use during pregnancy. Geranium has strong adaptability, bright colors and long flowering period. It is suitable for indoor display and flower bed arrangement. This can be seen from the picture above, as a decorative flower is really beautiful.

Geranium is not only the pride of the African people, but also very popular in the Eurasian region. Countries such as Germany, Spain and Hungary attach great importance to the production and breeding of geraniums, and Hungary also has a colorful geranium as a national flower.
Geranium flower language: By chance, happiness is by your side. Having a geranium is equivalent to having happiness. Perhaps it is to take a fancy to the various effects of this plant, so Gucci will choose it as a decorative print for the GG bag. The uniquely shaped prints are matched with Gucci bag, which is always unforgettable.

Gucci GG Supreme Geranium print canvas-leather splicing cross-body replica bag with chain-leather strap

When the company was preparing for the Christmas party and rehearsing, a very exciting melody made everyone jump involuntarily. Later I checked it out and it is The Fox.

This is a promotional song produced by the Ilvisack brothers to promote the new season’s talk show TV show, which was uploaded on YouTube on September 3, 2013 and included in the album “Ylvis Show”. The song had 4.1 million hits in less than 3 days after uploading, and the number of online 32-day visits exceeded 100 million. It can be seen that the popularity of this song. Even after so many years, when the melody is remembered, everyone will still remember those interesting pictures.

Speaking of foxes, I have to mention Japan that likes foxes quite a bit. In general, large-scale traditional festivals will have fox-shaped masks. Even anime often sees such a picture: people with fox masks shuttle through the streets, which is very festive. This kind of mask is called “fox face”, a traditional Japanese toy. The fox face is divided into many kinds, and the most common ones are “God Fox” and “White Fox”.

1, God Fox
This mask looks a little scary, but God Fox is a friendly animal. The legend of it originated in China. For thousand years life, it has the power to communicate with the sky, and is the most advanced of all kinds of foxes. Therefore, the ancient Japanese believed that with the fox mask, they could have the same power as God.

2, White Fox
Japanese believe that the black and the white fox are the beasts, and further believe that they are the messengers of the Inari-God, who is in charge of agriculture, traveling freely to between the human and spiritual circles.

In Japan, this mask has two forms: a half and a full face. The former is able to completely expose the eyes, while the latter has a small eyelet. Therefore, the former is more popular. And the “fox face” used by this witch to represent the messenger of Inari, which loved bu people, has become the most traditional decoration.

In addition, in Western culture, the fox is also recognized as the most chic, unyielding, intelligent and pursuing freedom. Perhaps for this reason, many luxury brands will choose this image to add color to their work. Let consumers pay more attention to the inner design concept of the work while pursuing beauty, so as to better understand the culture of the brand.

Gucci is a brand that likes to integrate animals into your work. In brand’s garden, there are snakes, bees, tigers, lions, elephants, and foxes mentioned earlier. Every animal finds its perfect positioning in works. For example, this GG Supreme fox flips the magnet bamboo bag.