Replica Gucci


Nowadays, people are more and more controllable about color. There is no exquisite color before. The more popular color of 2019 is advanced Morandi, which will be the same as the original thick and colorful color, making the whole picture restrict each other and make the vision reach a perfect balance.

Goose yellow
As a necessity for daily dressing, the beige color of the goose yellow soybean and the main color complement each other, even if it is worn alone, it will give a simple temperament.
Leonie Hanne, a fashion blogger from Germany, has a good value in addition to his high value. In the spring and summer style, the suit is very versatile.

Smoke pink
It is one of the Morandi colors, with a gray tone and a sense of quality. This dirty pink temperament is more elegant and gentle with mature charm.
Known as the “real version of Gossip Girl Queen B”, the New York Upper East Side celebrity Olivia Palermo dressed in the brown color is used to set off the smoke pink, which makes the overall shape mature and stable, and it is worth learning in the workplace.

Grey purple
Purple can stand out from the full gray tone, combined with bright white and vivid yellow, and dark gray aids to create a full layering.
Justin Bieber finally returned to normal young people’s dress. Nowadays, the most relaxed and simple style of young people is the sweater, the oversize with shorts, and the simple basic style can be used by everyone.

Olive green
In fact, people have a very literary name called “Chilli Stalk Green”. This kind of green has both a visual sense of color and is as friendly as black with a variety of colors.
The supermodel Bella Hadid is more chilly with a little coolness, the private dress is also very individual, and reveals a sexy style full of character.

With the literary dress of the Morandi color, it is necessary to match the individual accessories to prop up the fashion of 2019. The bag has to bear the brunt and become the focus. The low-key classic Gucci Sylvie bag always surprises you. The brand’s bags are relatively mature, with a youthful dress and match, can play a good balance. Choose the classic style of Gucci Sylvie to show your personality. However, this also has a drawback, that is, the classic style is basically not available now, even in the second-hand market, there is very little inventory. Therefore, I can only go to the replica market to search. After all, the popular classic style is what the replica market is most willing to make. If you really choose Gucci Sylvie black leather imitated bag, then choose the color, material, and style.